Workshop Rabotilnica - designers and manufacturers together. Design workshop for developing new products and bringing them to the market. Уъркшоп Работилница, Работилница Шкорпиловци,Мебелен дизайн, дизайн на мебели, проектиране на мебели, промишлен дизайн.

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Rabotilnica'2010 is completed

Rabotilnica 2010After ten days of hard work and loads of emotions on the 22nd of June 2010, workshop Rabotilnica'2010 was completed.

Twenty-eight projects in total from 7 teams were shown at the final presentations. It is expected soon to be known which ones exactly will be chosen for manufacture and mass production.

Twenty-two designers in total took part in workshop Rabotilnica'201015 from Bulgaria and 7 from Austria, Poland, France, Germany and the Netherlands:

Boris Simeonov
Valentin Vodev
Velichko Velikov
Vladislav Vassilev
Volen Valentinov
Gloria Angelova
Diana Lazarova
Elena Draganova
Evgeni Kralev
Irena Pamukovs
Krassi Dimitrov
Martin Naydenov
Nikolay Mihaylov
Nevena Mitkova
Svetlana Stancheva
Brit Leissler 
Johem  Faudet
Marco Dessi 
Macjek Wojcicki
Maja Ganszyniec 
Olivia Decaris 
Rainer Mutsch

On the manufacturers’ side 5 companies took part with 10 briefs in total:

Valinor LTD -
Ideal Standard Vidima Plc. -
Nikrom Mebel Plc. -
Tesy LTD –
Total-M –

Official sponsor of the event is LIGNA Consult LTD – Bulgarian furniture cluster and business consultant – elected for top entrepreneur in 2010 for Bulgaria -
In the beginning of the workshop presentations of the designers taking part were made, as well as of the companies from the cluster, regarding manufacturing opportunities, work on joint intentions and ideas on future collaboration. We created many new and useful contacts and exchanged impressions and thoughts on the development of the industry in Bulgaria and over the world.

On the presentations of the projects at the end of the workshop Rabotilnica, the manager of Total-M – Mitko Gatev praised the designers Olivia Decaris, Brit Leissler , Maja Ganszyniec, Johem  Faudet, Evgeni Kralev, Martin Naydenov, Elena Draganova and Velichko Velikov for respectively – most creative solution, best design, best presentation and  total solution. Mr. Peter Peryanov from Nikrom Mebel Plc expressed his enthusiasm and full support from his company to the conduct of the upcoming workshops Rabotilnica, and pointed this way of collaboration as a real working and interesting one to the Bulgarian manufacturers.
The main goals we had in front of us as organisers were reached – promotion of the Bulgarian designers and manufacturers, teamwork, exchange of experience, good outcomes and an effective relation between designers and manufacturers.
As main conclusions from this workshop, I can summarise in few words the impressions from the designers – this form of collaboration is interesting and useful to both sides, the results showed good understanding of the matter and effective work, despite of the short term. The interaction between designers and manufacturers will continue even after the workshop in different ways and on different projects.
The final products and for more information regarding their development, you’ll be able to see on and

Velichko Velikov
Cherga Co-ordinator
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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