Workshop Rabotilnica - designers and manufacturers together. Design workshop for developing new products and bringing them to the market. Уъркшоп Работилница, Работилница Шкорпиловци,Мебелен дизайн, дизайн на мебели, проектиране на мебели, промишлен дизайн.

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CHERGA 100%RABOTILNICA is an initiative by CHERGA. It is a workshop for a product design which is held every year and aims to create working community of designers, to connect them with the manufacturers and to generate new and creative ideas and products.
We are doing the workshop for ten days at the Black Sea coast on a very beautiful place with wild nature and bungallows - just 500 meteres from the beach.

How does it work?
Basically, the manufacturers give assignments(task briefs) based on which the designers/teams develop conceptual proposals as sketches, 3d visuals and models.
If a project is approved, the manufacturer and the designer/team continue with the product's joint development until the new design goes into production. A non disclosure agreement is signed in advance by the manufacturer and the designer/team. After that, CHERGA is actively promoting the products and designers from the workshop, inviting them to participate at all the events we organize.
On the workshop the participants can choose to work as a team or independently.

Please find below latest news and events we organize. On the COMMUNITY page you can find all the designers participated at the workshop. You can see more ABOUT US here, or see the Rabotilnica workshop in NUMBERS.
If you want to participate yourself, please use one of the forms: FOR MANUFACTURERS or FOR DESIGNERS. We will be in touch shortly.


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